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Thread: Resale Or sale website & website domain name.

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    Resale Or sale website & website domain name.

    Hi everyone...!!
    I am newbie here in this hello to all first.....
    I got a do i sale or resale my website or website domain???
    kindly help me out please...
    thank you...!!

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    Just provide the information about your website and link of in different social website..etc

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    First of all, i would like to welcome you to the forum, secondly do you have ready made websites or just the domain names or both? If you have some ready made websites, i guess you mention them here or in the marketplace of this forum to get noticed.

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    There are so many ways to sell a website and domain. It really depends on how much money it is producing. If it is in the 6-7 figure range then you might want to consider a broker. If the site isn't making that much money then you can always try some online website selling/auction service like Flippa, or try selling direct on forums like this one or Digital Point.

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