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Thread: Advice on an Ecommerce site NOT to go with!

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    Angry Advice on an Ecommerce site NOT to go with!

    We used "Highwire" for several years. We were with them from the very beginning when they used to be called "buyitsellit". Over this period we watched the site make improvements as well as take other things away and mess other things up. You've heard of the expression "If it works don't fix it"? That's what happened here. At some point the developers had done something to the site where we lost nearly all of our viewer traffic. We thought at first that it was just that people weren't buying our type of merchandise. After reading the forums we found out we were not alone and many many people were complaining how their traffic had suddenly just dropped off. The other negative thing with Highwire is there support. It went from terrible ( it would take several days to get a half witted answer) to bad (you'd get a half witted answer sooner) to (not quite as bad) still half witted answers and no real solutions to your problems). Altogether I had spent many hours with their support people in chat sessions trying to get things working. The easy things got fixed, the more difficult problems were sent up to someone more knowledgeable with a ticket and then you'd never hear from them. My wife and I are somewhat knowledgeable about eCommerce sites and have a good understanding of them from the users end. However to list your products on Highwire an eCommerce user must be knowledgeable in HTML and SEO otherwise you will watch all your hard work and time go right down the drain because you will NOT get the help you need. Over the years we watched many good businesses drop out and now we have too. It has been very disappointing to have worked so hard and get nowhere with this lousy company. It has become obvious to us that all they really care about is that you keep paying them every month. Most of these eCommerce review sites give Highwire a good review but I'll bet NONE of them were ever users on this site. Don't be fooled and don't get sucked into this site. Do some reviews of your own, dig deep because there are much better eCommerce sites than this one.

    navigation of admin is user friendly

    This site involves HTML and SEO and their support team DOES NOT KNOW the answers to these questions. They will tell you that you need to pay someone from the outside to deal with these issues. In the end you will be lost in the dark trying to figure out this BS. It would be much easier to learn the Greek language.

    They changed something with their site that destroyed the user's viewer traffic and caused user's to loose business.

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    Even i agree with your views.

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    Unfortunately I've seen sites go downhill because they wanted to 'fix what isn't broken' and it happens quite often lately, it seems as though some e-commerce companies think any change is good change.

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    I am also agree with your view's

    thanks & regards
    James Smith

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