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Thread: Does a little keyword stuffing get past Penguin?

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    Does a little keyword stuffing get past Penguin?

    It is haunting me at the back of my mind that *perhaps* some keyword stuffing is getting past the Google algorithm and helping some websites in serps.

    But, enough theory! Testing is the only sensible way to go.

    Here is my latest test. A full history of previous testing is on the webpage. Matt Cutts, cry your heart out if it works!
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    Yes i read it. Sometimes even i dont understand how useless sites are ranking well on SERPs.

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    It is my theory that there are certain percentage of results that don't follow the known or expected algorithmic "rules." I believe that is because Google doesn't want people to figure out exactly what their algorithm does. It's not really fair, but then again, it's not fair that spammers manipulate search results either. :-) Anyway, that's just a personal theory of mine.
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