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Thread: Some negelected important issues on your business website!

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    Some negelected important issues on your business website!

    Hey are you all doing today????

    Just wanted to share some interesting information with you all...this is about a recent blog that I wrote on keeping the navigational messages and pop-up instructions on the website simple for the convenience of the visitor!!Well, thinking from the perspective of a Webmaster, I feel that technical messages and instructions that are used in websites should be simplified so that the visitor is not confused . These simplified messages and pop-instructions can be used by the web masters to create a special bond with the potential clients..

    I feel these simple points have been ignored by most of the webmasters today!

    What do you think guys? Isn't it something different?

    Let me know about your views on the same!!!


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    I totally agree.

    In my experience as a site owner there are so many people that don't understand the most basic things about anything technical concerning websites and the internet.

    I try to keep everything in it's simplest form so anyone can understand what's happening, not just with blogs but with anything site related, and that includes TOS and other policies.

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    Good idea, but pop up messages can sometimes be annoying...

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    I must agree with you. the idea is very good, but like SEO Glen said - pop up messages are the most annoying thing, you're closing them all the time, because they intrupt the surfing in the site.

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