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Thread: Legal Advice for Small Business!?

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    Legal Advice for Small Business!?

    I need some legal advice so I can start a small online business! (People with particular experience/lawyers would be appreciated!)

    I am looking into starting an online store in which I sell hand crafted greeting cards and mail them out to customers. I don't have any employees, and I don't plan on it getting too big, so I am the only operator of this business. The only thing I will be selling is greeting cards in which I make on my own. I need to know how I can LEGALLY do the following:
    Maintain my online presence as a "business"
    Be able to sell and distribute products
    Collect payment from people for above said "products"

    If anybody could give me some help or needs information please let me know! Thank you in advance!

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    There really isn't anything or anyone to stop you. There isn't any sort of agency that's going to contact you and ask for a business license.

    On the other hand - The Internal Revenue Service will be interested in your business if you live in the USA. Might want to read this:

    Is It A Business or a Hobby?

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    Having a small online business is really a good idea. Whether you need a physical copy of all of your documents, the latest direct marketing game changer, this month's edition of the company newsletter, a bullet proof sales binder, or the next great American novel, Printing Equipment Leasing is fastest, easiest, and cheapest way for you to equip your company.

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    For Online business, you dont need any documents & all.

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    I am not a lawyer. You should get a business license. I have one. You also need to file income taxes. It will probably be a Schedule C on your income taxes. You also have to charge sales tax. You need to see a tax person.
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    For low-income owners of small businesses (or those who want to form a business), Business Plan Guru volunteer attorneys can provide the sound legal advice that is essential for success in business and preventing costly troubles that can ruin an enterprise.

    Business Plan Guru provides assistance with transactional business matters. It does not provide assistance with litigation, although it can arrange advice and assistance that could prevent litigation.

    Here are examples of legal issues in which Business Plan Guru attorneys can provide advice and/or assistance:

    -Choice of legal form of organization, and formation of (for-profit) organization
    -Intellectual property copyright, trademark, trade name, licensing, patents
    -Contracts and commercial leases
    -Government regulation
    -Risk management
    -Real estate
    -Director duties and internal organization
    -Commercial debtor/creditor rights and options
    -Other legal issues not involving participation in litigation

    If you want more information, visit my website: The Website Warrior
    This page and site has lots of information you may find helpful.

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    Check the various resources for small business, starting with the Small Business Association Also, SCORE is a great place to get solid business information....

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    Of course, you occasionally do get a real, genuine, qualified lawyer on a forum like this.

    But I'm only qualified in one jurisdiction. And the Original Poster didn't mention his own jurisdiction.

    So we can't do more than send him to a general-advice website for the USA, on the assumption that he most likely resides there. And that has already been done.

    (And is down for me anyway.)
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    Please STOP posting in 8 year old threads....

    Thank you.

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