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Thread: Which Social Media do you choose?

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    Nov 2019
    1 Facebook. This is easily the largest social networking site in the world and one of the most widely used. ...
    2 WhatsApp. ...
    4 WeChat. ...
    5 QZone. ...
    6 Tumblr. ...
    7 Instagram. ...
    8 Twitter. ...
    9 Google+ ( No Longer Available )

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    Dec 2019
    There are many social media available and good too linkedin, facebook, twitter etc.

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    Mar 2019
    In my view, all social media platforms are good to use for promoting your services and products. But if you say one then you can use Facebook as everybody is using it and can easily get the users from there.

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    May 2020
    It depends on what kind of products and service are you offering. If the product can be demonstate good in video, go on Youtube. If pics work better, get on Instagram. However, most of the time people choose Facebook since it's versatile and simple.

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    I think there is are a few things at play here. You nich is really important business like events managers, weddings planners do really well on instagram much more than say facebook. However on facebook you get restaurants and b2b services are more prevalent because you can say more in text terms.

    The second part to this is that many facebook users are gravitating towards instagram, due to a lot of the negative attention facebook has been getting on the media so that would also influence my decision. I would try to run 2 or three accounts but not all. Atleast facebook has made social media management easy by allowing you to cross post between the tow platforms that's really great. for business owners wanting to save time so those two definitely.. Whats left, pinterest, linkedin ect il tell you one thing keep your eyes on whatsapp ( Also owned by facebook ) i think they are gearing up to be the wechat of the west. A portal for everything.

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    I mostly use Instagram and Twitter. here I get huge traffic to my brand.

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    Social media works as a key factor behind business awareness, sales, and conversions. The selection of social media platforms solely depends on your business. However, Facebook & Instagram are the key platforms for any business. And platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter also hold their relevance. Create the best content on your social media that represents the heart and soul of your business. I hope this helps.

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    Jul 2020
    I use Facebook, Instagram and Google! I am considering Youtube also

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    Aug 2020
    Facebook. Facebook reports over 1.3 billion users-that's larger than the population of China! ...
    Twitter. Twitter is an excellent platform to build awareness for your brand. ...
    Pinterest. ...
    YouTube. ...
    LinkedIn. ...
    Instagram. ...

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    Social networks utilize user information to serve highly relevant advertisements based on interactions within a specific platform.
    The 6 Best Social Networks for Ecommerce Advertising

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    Jan 2022

    Facebook is best option

    Quote Originally Posted by AizelCaroline View Post
    Getting plugged in to social media is the next biggest thing for advertisers, but with so many social networks out there, which do you choose?
    I choose Facebook only to generate cold leads.

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    Jan 2022
    There are special social media for different niches (for example, Hackernoon for programming), you can use them. Speaking about general topic social media, TikTok is a very popular one.

    (I don't mention Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as they've been already named many times here).

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    Jan 2022
    Facebook, twitter and linkedin are the best social media platform to increase your website traffic.

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