Hey Guys!

I just thought that I might share some of my experience with getting the most amount of "Targeted Customers" to your site as possible.

Basically, a little technique that I like to use would be once you have created your website that you want to "Optimize" (To get the most visitors as possible)

You will want to go over to fiverr and search for either of the following: "Link Pyramid" Or "Link Circle"

What these do is create something that is called "Back-Links" To your website. (Search engines rank websites with the most/ best quality of backlinks to their site)

Then you are going to need to tell them the Keywords that you want the search engines to pick up.

Within a couple of days, you will get back all of the sites and blogs that your website has been linked to! .. Get ready for an influx of traffic to your site!

Using techniques like this, I managed to get my site to the number 1 spot of Google within 3 days..

NOTE: These techniques I usually only use when I want to promote a product that is about to launch. This is because when you do this process, your site usually only stays on the first page of Google for about 3 weeks, therefore when someone goes to view this new product, you will be right up there and will get more customers & sales!

Hope this information helped!

Tom Glover

P.S. - You don't want to go ahead and buy hundreds of backlinks. This will make it look to search engines that you haven't acquired your visitors "Organically" This means that you won't get ranked high. "Organically" Means that you need to gradually get a higher amount of visitors. As it won't look legit if you get 1,000,000 visitors within one night, now will it?!