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Thread: Netsuite's SB functionality as a POS sytem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barney Stone
    InfoSourcing -

    What is your definition of SMB? Microsoft talks about SMB having fewer than 50 PCs. IBM pegs it at 100 to 1,000 employees, Oracle at $500 million or less. But what about the one-person-part-time companies, and those with up to 10 or 15 employees? Those are the guys who are using osCommerce, MonsterCommerce, Miva Merchant, Yahoo!Store and similar systems, and apparently they are too small to even be called "small". Yet those are the kind of people who are much more likely to be reading a forum like this one, and I don't know about Interprise Suite, but NetSuite and Everest are totally inappropriate for companies like that. They need tools that are designed for the way they do business, and priced within their budgets.

    Barney Stone
    Stone Edge Technologies, Inc.
    Happy New Year 2007 to all forum members and we wish you grt success in finding the right solution that works and fits your budget, this forum is truly a grt place to brainstorm ....

    Barney - To answer your question about "How do I define SMB?", well if you have read the story of "Blind Men and The Elephant" where every other blind person was supposed to touch the elephant and describe what it is ... here is link for those who want to read

    So with that being said I will attempt to touch this elephant (SMB) and define it as:

    a) 1-5 as Small, 5-25 Medium, 25+ as fairly large now this numbers are licensing seats, the Company can have more number of people working..
    b) Also based on business model (retail, wholesale, ecommerce, drop shipping)
    c) and based on Revenue, one can also define they are small or medium or big
    if the transactions are more then the system should be able to scale and grow as business grows..

    So it is very tough to put a number to all the above parameters, and definitely Interprise Suite fits them all coz of "Price" in the ERP for SMB..

    NetSuite and Everest may be/may not fit based on few other parameters.. Oracle/SAP/Others have a fair chance in this forums.

    Quickbooks, MS accounting, Peachtree and others need to evolve from their basic accounting functionalities... and Barney, your software I haven't researched indepth so I can't comment but looking at few screenshots, it does pretty good job for e-tail (eCommerce) customers who have shopping cart hosted elsewhere and just want to process orders ....

    But in scenarios of CRM, Inventory, Accounting and E-Commerce being integrated seamlessly it may not suffice being part of ERP space for SMB...

    That's my 2 cents regd SMB and it reflects purely my view and I could be wrong, but lots of business owners do email or call me from this forum, which makes me think I might not be so wrong

    Bottomline, pls evaluate all the softwares out there by comparing Features Vs Problems/Challenges Vs Price Vs Company Vs Future growth Vs any other parameters that you have defined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Harrison View Post
    Hi Geoff,

    Yes, Premier POS is redeveloping their application to the connected business platform (the technical foundation of interprise suite). They have over 10 years of experience in the point of sale market with thousands of customers.

    Is Premier POS is still providing point of sale solutions?

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