e-Signature Enhances Consumer Trust & Confidence and is a Non-factor in Shopping Cart Abandonment

By: James Packer, Esq.

Since 2006 the topic of Shopping Cart Abandonment has been on the minds of e-Commerce merchants. Studies have been conducted by some of the greatest, most respected research and online pioneers. IBM, Forrester Research and DigitalRiver are only a few that have studied the reasons behind why consumers decide to abandon their shopping cart experience.

Shopping cart abandonment rates are on the rise. The average abandonment rate jumped from 71% to 75% during the first six months of 2011. All online retailers experience shopping cart abandonment, however, this paper will concentrate on the reasons why consumers abandon shopping carts and how SignatureLink's SecureBuy does not attribute to cart abandonment and, in the alternative, enhances the shoppers trust, confidence and opinion of the merchant....