“82% of shoppers have abandoned a shopping cart in the past year and 69% wouldn't go back to the website that had given them an unsatisfactory user experience in purchasing process”- May 2011, Gallop Research report based on online shopping in India.

How users behave on a website is important for an ecommerce company. There is a lot of thinking going on in the mind of a user while he is navigating through your website. “Is this transaction secure?”, “Should I share my email id?”, “Is this product good enough?”, “Could I get this product or a better product at a lower price?” “Would the product be delivered in time?” are a few questions which customers struggles to find. This emotional thinking can drastically reduce your business.

Is it possible to address this gap?

But that’s what marketing is! After all, it’s still a buying transaction. It’s just happening over the web rather than a supermarket. You have to control these factors to your advantage rather than fall victim of it. A simple fact about your ecommerce store could be effecting your business in terms of visitor conversions, shopping cart abandonment rate. According to Intentree’s research and ecommerce usability design experience, a few of factors given below could significantly impact the business’s top line and bottom line:

Provide user friendly Information

When users are browsing through the web store they look for information all the time. They want to know whether the selected product has the correct mix of attribute levels. Information regarding the quality, price, discount, user ratings, specifications, color, aesthetics, and usability of the product are important considerations. It is imperative for an ecommerce website to provide all the information at the different locations of webpage so that customers find it easily. They should not miss out any information. These is could be accomplished by real user testing methods to know whether website has given all the relevant information.

Communicate with the customers

Establishing trust with the customers is a mandatory requirement to avoid losing them to competitors. It’s essential to communicate with the customers for gaining their trust. Its possible to communicate with them through multiple channels. One customer care number and chat functionality in the website could do wonders for the company. Customers should be encouraged to ask questions. In high value transactions, customers need a little push to buy the product. This push could be provided by the communication channels.

Test your website & optimize it!

Online businesses, websites and apps that don’t provide an engaging, optimal & hassle-free user experience, can’t get enough visitors nor convert them into buyers. User experience is not just restricted to usability but also includes performance, functionality, security etc. The only way to ensure a successful Website or app, is to understand by innovative testing the gap between what customers truly want, and what they get or experience and optimize it, to cover that gap.
In the Indian eCommerce market, a few eCommerce optimization and testing companies exists. A popular company Intentree has been serving the usability gap and improving the KPIs of eCommerce websites. IntenTree offers online remote testing for websites and apps. It offers organizations to meet their quality goals, at a very competitive price, uncompromising quality but at much shorter turnaround time.

Keep your in-store advertisement to the minimum

A lot of advertisements in the home page creates confusion for customers. They might be irritated and leave the website. “Simplicity” Is the key to success. In the product page, other similar products suggestion would really help customers. Putting advertisements in the product page could be deadly.

Intentree is working on eCommerce business optimization and user testing to improve the business and KPIs of the eCommerce and mobile app companies.