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Thread: Best Customer Service Practices

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    Best Customer Service Practices

    Hi guys! I am planning on starting my own business soon and before I do that, I want all my bases covered (I'm a little bit OC). So, I was wondering what customer service practices should I implement? I mean is the saying "the customer is always right" right?
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    Common sense rules... Treat your customers like you'd like to be treated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clarissjavier View Post
    ... is the saying "the customer is always right" right?
    It is always right to *say* that, "the customer is always right". But... sometimes you have the guy who has paid you 10 cents (technically a customer) but causes you $100 worth of grief. As Steve said, common sense rules.

    (Imagine being a cop: the customer is always wrong!)
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    In small businesses, on the other hand, sales and customer service employees can often walk a few steps down the hall to the owner’s office to acquaint them with an new issue or give an update on an old one. The owner may even get involved himself, dealing directly with customers to ensure a happy experience.

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    When you start a business, you should be very focused on your customers because it is they who will promote your business for you if they like your service. Be very attentive and polite, always try to offer them a solution even if they don't have enough money to pay. They will remember that you are good and return to you with money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve R Jones View Post
    Common sense rules... Treat your customers like you'd like to be treated.
    Totally agree with you.

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    Put yourself in their shoes. How you treat customers says a lot about your business. There is no hard and fast rules for the same but every situation must be handled differently.

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    Make sure that you give them the best service.

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    I am at the beginning stages of building customer base. I come down on prices etc. Down the road this will change. Always make the customer happy, but I am right now giving away too much free services
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