Hi all small business folk!

As part of a university thesis, I am conducting a survey on IT Risk Management Small Businesses which is basically to see how prepared small businesses are if things go wrong.

We know that small businesses might not be as prepared as the big corporations for a number of reasons including budget or knowledge. At the same time, smaller businesses may operate in higher risk business environments in general and may experience higher rate technology related issues impacting business continuity and possibly survival of the business itself.

I have designed a basic (anonymous) survey of approximately 35 questions to collect some of this information. If you are involved in supporting or have detailed knowledge of IT environments with 5 to maximum of 100 computer users, I would greatly appreciate your help by completing the online survey using the below link.

Again this survey is completely anonymous. If completed and you would like a copy of the thesis when done, please PM me.


Appreciate your help with this.