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Thread: a database to simplify your choice of business software ?

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    a database to simplify your choice of business software ?

    The BSDb (Business Software Database) mission is to objectively inform companies and more particularly SOHOs / SMEs about various existing Software/ Web Services. As an independent database, theBSDb offers a multitude of Business Software/ Services distributed in more than 100 categories of services. Our main goal is to facilitate your purchasing decisions.

    Compare features and find the best Business software to run your business

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    Hello Friends,

    One of the first factors that needs to be brought under control is time management for yourself and your employees, and general CRM. The problem I’ve found is that the functionality scope of the various apps I’ve been using is wildly different from one to the next. I need a level of baseline functionality from a single app, mainly because the overhead of sharing data between apps makes using multiple apps untenable. I would still like to do as much coding as possible, and as we are in 2008, so there must be something out there that ticks all the basic boxes.
    Minimum requirements
    Here are the baseline features I concluded were the minimum required to be useful for my small business
    Timesheets: ability for multiple employees to login and log their time against multiple clients and projects
    client and project management handling: I don’t want a project management app, am very happy with Trac, but I do need to keep track of all my clients, the relevant contacts and the projects I’m running with each of them
    Invoicing: there’s no point in decoupling the time logging and how clients are billed
    expenses: the above 3 features are available in the majority of software out there, desktop and web-based, but the minute you need to be able to record your expenses, eg costs associated with web hosting or software rental costs (not billable to clients), the choice dramatically reduces
    Balance sheet: this seems to be the killer question, if I know what I’m making on projects, and my business has a range of running costs, then surely I want to know what the operating profit is right? The requirement for balance sheet functionality even more dramatically reduces the amount of options available.

    Thanks And Regards
    Agili Ron

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