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Thread: See this example of bad SEO

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    See this example of bad SEO

    This is so bad that perhaps it might even be "Negative SEO", a competitor trying to damage an SEO firm's reputation. This is the broken-English spam that was posted on an SEO forum:
    Telling the truth always hurt. However, I would prefer to get hurt or hurt people in telling the truth than to tell white lie. For, lesson will be learn in telling the truth while in white lie no matter what kind of lie would that be. It is still a lie and will tolerate people in whatever wrong action.
    The signature link was: "The most capable SEO Holborn" with the link pointing to

    Holborn is a nice business district in London which is a short walk from the Royal Courts of Justice. I am sending a link to this post to SeoCompany24, to ask for their comments.
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