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Thread: Should I sell my Website Ecommerce now for $20,000?

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    Exclamation Should I sell my Website Ecommerce now for $20,000?

    Hi friends,

    Im here because I need some advices.

    I own a Ecommerce Store (Prestashop 1.4), Im selling Tablet Android.
    I earn around $3,000 pro month and the traffic is increasing month by month.

    I got an offer from BizBroker24, they can offer me right now $20,000 for my business.

    The offer is below my yearly revenue but of course, its good money....

    What do you think I should do?

    Thank you very much!


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    That's a personal call you'll have to make.

    If they don't insist that you sign a No Compete - you could sell it and create another site

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