So you’re getting a lot of engagement on your Facebook Page?

Ready to find out how to convert some of your Fans into buyers?

A Facebook Store is a super-simple way to import your products into a dedicated tab on your Facebook Page to promote your wares in an engaging way on Facebook.

Here are 4 ways to increase your sales with a Facebook Store:

1. Like-Gate your Facebook Store

A Like-Gate makes visitors to your Facebook Store like your Page before they can view your products.

How the heck does this increase sales?

When a person becomes your Fan it opens up a 24/7 avenue to market to them. This allows you to engage them with new products, promotions and things of interest at anytime to get them thinking about your brand and buying your products.

2. Promote your items & ask for your customer’s opinions

Facebook is not a direct sales platform – it’s a content and engagement platform.

Don’t try to just post listings of your items and expect sales – get your fans engaged by asking them questions about your items:

1.How they would use them?
2. Which other items would they pair them with?
3. What they like/dislike about them?
4. What kinds of ideas it gives them for new items or how they would change/personalize it to make it perfect for them?

3. Allow fans to browse your items directly in Facebook

It’s a big leap for someone on Facebook to click a link and start browsing items on another website – but it’s a much smaller jump to browse directly in Facebook where they can keep chatting with their friends.

In Facebook they can also ask their friends their opinions while shopping to help along the conversion. Many shoppers like to feel social acceptance for an item before purchasing it – so they’ll want to ask their friends what they think first. Make this step much quicker and easier by allowing them to chat with their friends on Facebook while they shop in Facebook.

4. Make your product reviews sharable

When a customer writes a product review on a website the review is static – it doesn’t get shared & no-one knows it exists unless they come to the product page itself!

Wishpond’s Social Store includes Facebook Comments for reviews on each product page, so each time a product review is written it’s automatically shared to the reviewer’s Facebook profile and the News Feeds of all of their friends – giving you a widespread social

Ready to jump in?

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