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    I'm wondering how much of a problem it is to coordinate your team members to get jobs done. I know from from past experiences that figuring out who's available for jobs, relaying the correct information to your team, and figuring out how to prioritize the order of jobs takes quite a bit of time. It only gets exponentially harder with more people on your team. I believe there is a way to optimize this process through software and significantly cut down the time needed to coordinate, and give more time to other things such as growing your business.

    I've been on the employee side of an office furniture installation business. There was about 10 other employees, and I'd always be given short notice on where and when I was working. The owner and managers would use cell phones to coordinate everyone. I could tell it took a lot of their time, especially if plans changed. This caused things such as missing materials, delayed truck deliveries, and missed opportunities.

    I want to develop a centralized solution on the cloud. The basic idea is to leverage the Google map interface to give business owners a "birds-eye" view of all the jobs and tasks they have. Since it's based on the Internet your team members / employees can access the software from anywhere. They will have a calendar interface where they can enter when they can't work. When a new job comes in you fill out a simple form to create the job. Then you create tasks for the job and it will automatically tell you who's available. Select who you want, and they will receive an email with the Google map location and time of the job. That person can then accept the job with a click so you know they are committed to it. The map interface will also display how many high and low priority tasks need to be done for each job so you can very quickly prioritize the order to complete the jobs.

    If you want more info and concept pictures check out

    Before I start developing this I wanted to gather some initial feedback on the concept from business owners and/or your team members. I want to start a discussion with those of you who want to spend less time coordinating. If you want to contact me directly, you can find out how on the website. I'm looking for everything from a comment to beta-testers (who will get the software for free).



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    Google Calendars does a pretty good job at leveraging schedules, but you're right, the application needs to be a bit smoother for when a majority of your staff's on the go. We've also used Project Bubble to help sort through a majority of the projects, who's assigned to what and how the hours against cost are tallied. It's a pretty good platform, although it could use some tweaks here and there.

    Or maybe even look at Trello for a few tips on making scheduling as effortless as possible. It's got a pretty handy mobile app as well.

    Although I must say, the Job Mapper does look pretty cool, too. Best of luck on the beta and final product!

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