I have done a bit of searching both forums and product websites and I'm having a hard time finding the right solution that would work best for my company.

I have a small service business that I am looking to grow. I would like to briefly outline the flow that I am looking for and hopefully someone here would be able to point me towards a good and reasonably priced solution. I already own quickbooks pro 2012. There are 3 employees in the business which is essentially a specialized landscaping business. Myself who would be working as telemarketer, manager, operations manager, etc., a tech who will have a tablet, and the third employee is essentially doing book keeping tasks.

The workflow that would be optimal for me is a crm that would allow me to do telemarketing, preferably with integration with Ringcentral VOIP. From there I would like to be able to schedule appointments giving the tech in the field a calendar and client information for his route including a non visual estimate, and client history. From there I would like him to be able to invoice over quickbooks mobile app and have the information updated in both quickbooks and the crm software.

I looked into salesforce and it seems to solve most of these issues but at 900/year plus the price of quickbooks it seems a bit steep. I would prefer a purchase solution to a licensing type option as I would likely get at least 3 years out of a purchased product. I am ok with a monthly add on cost if the majority of the product was a purchased product.

Also if you can point me towards the unicorn pastures that would be great.