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    Free eCommerce Podcast (Hear stories and advice from real eCommerce business owners))

    Hi all -

    I recently started a podcast interviewing eCommerce business owners on iTunes,

    1. Business owners to promote their business
    2. Listeners can hear stories of real businesses and the challenges they solved
    3. Everyone can learn something from each other

    iTunes Link:

    Check it out - total downloads are over 1,300 so it should add value to your businesses in some way.

    - Terry
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    If anyone is considering a charity business model of eCommerce, you should check out the interview I did with Charliedog and friends.

    It's the worlds first toy company that makes stuffed animals off REAL pets in adoption shelters. Super good backstory and its gotta a lot of traction - since I did the interview a week ago, the business has gotten 600+ likes and has well over $20K+ in pre-sales.

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