We believe we are the first company to integrate SMS with Google spreadsheet, calendar and translate. Please rate www.delighta.com.

You can use it do the following:
1. Enter data in a google spreadsheet simply by texting from one or more mobile phones. You can specify column names and values. You can have as many columns as you want. You can register as many mobile phones as you want.

2. Simply backup your important SMS messages by forwarding them to the Delighta phone number. The SMS will be written to your spreadheet.

3. If there is an appointment in your SMS (e.g. "meet joe on saturday at 3pm") Delighta will create an appropriate entry for you in your google calendar. A neat way for a family to share one calendar! You can setup the calendar to send you automatic reminders via SMS.

4. Get a translation of your SMS in any Google supported language.

5. Group SMS. Create as many groups as you want and add up to 50 telephone numbers to each group. Send SMS to the entire group simply by texting it to the Delighta phone number.

Feel free to make suggestions. What feature would you like to see in Delighta?

Here is one of the published reviews: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/access-...-sms-delighta/

Suyog Bhobe
co-founder, www.delighta.com