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Thread: Open to opinion on what you think of site.

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    Open to opinion on what you think of site.

    Please check out my site and let me know what you think.


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    Do you prefer to sell in bulk or do people really bye two dollar pens on-line one at a time...

    About Us..Guarantee

    With our online uploading system, your order is processed immediately after you authorize it and can arrive at the production line in less than 5 minutes. And with a 7-10 day production time, we guarantee you the best products at the best prices and with the fastest delivery.
    Do I really have to arrive at the production line after I authorize the purchase? Or should you re-word this a bit?

    I saw a few other type-o but didn't jot down their location.

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    it's designed so you can make either a bulk purchase or a single purchase. It is catered to businesses looking to purchase large quantities of pens for marketing purposes. You can choose quantity amount and prices changed based on size of order.

    I will definitely put some thought in rewording that so it sounds better. It does seem like bit of an industrial term. Maybe make it more personal?

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    It's designed goos and have good collection and do people buy it online one or two piece.

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