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Thread: Need help with Checkout(not checkout cart Issues

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    Need help with Checkout(not checkout cart Issues


    I am having major issues with the one page checkout on the site: and have no idea how to proceed. About 3-4% of the visitors add something to the cart. Of those about 40% proceed to the one page checkout . But of those that proceed to the one page checkout about 30-35% actually complete the checkout!! This is completely baffling to me and I cannot for the life of me figure out why people are adding items to the cart, clicking proceed to checkout and then abandoning the checkout page! Personally when I click checkout, I usually want to buy the product so I know something must be horribly wrong with our checkout page but for the life of me I cannot figure out what it is. I've spoken to friends who work in e-commerce and they say their usual conversion rate ONCE in the checkout page is 85%+. People have suggested it's the shipping prices, but our shipping prices are clear and I would think low enough. Other people have questioned whether it is a browser issue, but according to our tests our checkout page works fine in most browsers.

    I realize abandoned carts are common but I don't mean abandoned carts, I mean abandoned CHECKOUTs which is much more unusual.

    Any advice or criticism would be GREATLY appreciated. This issue has been driving me nuts!

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    I just added to the count, sorry I couldn't see anything wrong with the checkout process or what would put folks off at that point. I cant help really in helping your insanity because was i interested i those products and presumably happy with the price i would have bought, probably va Paypal but still would have bought.

    Have you tested offering Free shipping option in the checkout - I wal looking at a product around $20 and while $4.95 shipping seems reasonable, when you look at it - it is 25% more on the cost of the item.

    I would be inclined to run a test for a couple of weeks with a free shipping option and than you can see if that is an issue and look at addressing it if it is.


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    Thanks for the response.

    We've tested free shipping and 4.95 vs. free for under 100 made no difference in the conversion rates. One issue might be our canada shipping rates (we have a lot of visitors from Canada), which are 32.50 flat rate.

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    I don't know if it'd help...but maybe if you forced the user to do the registration type of info "before" they get to the checkout....

    Item picked at random: Executive Style Gold Digital Voice and Audio Spy Recorder Pen with Voice Activated Recording Mode -> $119.95

    FedEx Saturday Delivery (1 Day) $69.95
    FedEx 2nd Day Air (2 Business Days) $19.95
    USPS Priority Mail (For PO Boxes) $14.95
    FedEx Standard Overnight (1 Business Day) $39.95
    FREE Ground Shipping (3-5 Business Days) $0.00

    The shipping costs look way out of line for an item that only ways a few ounces. Are those prices the standard list of some sorts or are they adjusted based on the weight of the item purchased?

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