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Thread: Live Chat-browser Widget For Your Site - Idea For Product

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    Live Chat-browser Widget For Your Site - Idea For Product

    Hi, my name is Wiktor, I am programmer and founder of (site which lets people chat in one-sided anonymous chat). Now I am wondering about creating my new product - widget for online stores to let store owners chat in real-time with visitors of their sites who are online in given moment on their site. There are many companies like which offer such widget to install (example of such widget here - However, I thought to create widget which not only let you chat with your visitor, but also let you to present and browse your site/online store with your visitor in real-time - this means that you see what your visitor is seeing right now on your site and you are able to mark, select and click on any element on your site and these actions take place on your and your visitor page in the same moment. Thanks to this mechanism store owners would easier and faster get to the point with theirs visitors - it could be selling or just providing information. But these are just my thoughts, that is why I would like to find out what real store owners think about it. What do you think about this idea?

    I have created also simple survey here (, I would be grateful if anyone of you would take a moment to answer a few simple questions about this idea.

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    I had visited your survey, that was nice experience for me, Live chat application is very good for the maintaining relationship with customers, sometimes customers will happy to process their orders online through customer care executives .
    Nice one thread thanks for sharing.

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    Hi Wiktor,

    we use different software to support live chat on clients websites. I work in a contact centre. We will be happy to test your beta version when you have it ready. And maybe we can talk about future reference partnership together. Think about it and let me know once you have your live chat ready to work.



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