My name is Jordan. I am currently a Masters student and I am writing my dissertation in entrepreneurship and in relation to how small business owners perceive factors of success and their personality characteristics. I would be so grateful if small business owners or those who run a small business who are members here would care to take the time to fill a quick and completely Anonymous questionnaire. It should only take about two minutes I would ask that only eligible individuals fill out the survey; I would like the data to be as reliable as possible.

I have provided a link via survey monkey at the bottom of the page. I do not ask for your personal name, business name or any contact information whatsoever-and please do not give it! (The survey program is will get confused) This survey is designed to be completely anonymous and all responses are filled directly into an Excel spread sheet for which I will be using statistical analysis.
It is completely optional, however, if you would like an extra incentive for filling out this survey, I would be happy to personally e-mail (or send you via the forum) a copy of my final dissertation once it is finished- Just reply to this post with a request. Again, it is completely anonymous and your responses will be going to a good cause so please be as honest as possible. Thank you so much.

If you have any questions please feel free to respond or contact me
for entrepreneurs: