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Thread: What do you think of our site navigation?

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    What do you think of our site navigation?

    Hi everyone,

    After researching our competitors, I am thinking about a possible site redesign. Specifically remapping the site structure and simplifying the color schemes. I'm a huge proponent of the KISS method, but I'd hate to make a change and jeopardize the momentum we've built. So with that said, what do you think about our site navigation? Is our color scheme too much, or a distraction? Any help would be hugely appreciated! I plan on sharing my thoughts on all of your websites after posting this. Here's a link to our store:

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    You site is OK but it can be certainly improved.

    I would not waste so much space for brand icons on the right. There are new methods with adding slider and allocating less space.

    Having images with different backgrounds and shapes is a major distraction. Better images = better conversion rate.

    More space between products is better.

    Site could be wider

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    I think the brands list on the right make it too busy and distracting. Any way to get rid of that or move it someplace else? It detracts from the overall message, etc.
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