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Thread: b2b catalog & ordering

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    b2b catalog & ordering

    We sell b2b, our project is in an early stage and we would like to set up a simple catalog and ordering system but I see all the solutions are designed for retail.

    These are our requirements:

    - high number of articles, around 2,000
    - access for members only
    - payment managed externally
    - hosted in linux

    It should also be fully customizable and easy to manage.

    Any recommendation?


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    Hello, naio!

    I would advise CS-Cart. It meets your requirements. Feel free to ask any other questions.

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    We sell B2B as well and use Interprise. The web functions are quite good but I don't know if I would recommend for the accounting side, unless you have IT staff an / or willing to spend a large $ on support.

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