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Thread: Site feedback Please

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    Site feedback Please

    Hi everybody, just created a user submitted funny blog website. Goal is to have the top posts available as poster that people can buy. I would like some feed back on how I have laid out the site and any other suggestions anyone has. Thank you.

    The site is:

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    Your site is not online and I am suspicious about your link and your post.

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    Looks like a collection of affiliate and PPC links ...

    What say you, navrick?
    The Old Sarge

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    can not open link

    links removed
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    Choose another style for your titles, urls are a mess. Generally, site looks unprofessionally and has too little info. At least, you should add "About" section.

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    I agree with the others. The idea is good but the website needs development. It would be nice if there is a sitemap and a contact information too.

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    The site is good but it still needs lots of work. If you want your readers or visitors to contribute, make a separate page for that. An email and message text box on the top right corner of the page doesn't leave a good impression. Also include a contact us page as well.
    Is your blog all about images? Do include content as well along with the images.

    Hope its helps.

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    u must need to attract the web side more
    it doesnt look like whats the purpose of that webside.

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    site is good need more style contents and images for ranking purpose

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