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Thread: Marketing to web designers

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    Marketing to web designers

    Any suggestions on how to make to web designers? The product is gateways. It would include up front bonuses and residual income. Just don't know how to get the word out without sounding like a spammer. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I assume you are affiliating with resellers as Authorize.Net does not make itself available unless through a reseller like eonlinedata. I used to be a reseller but dropped it because the best way to get people to sign up was immediately while designing a site. If you let them think about it the chances are you would lose the sale.

    I think you have a tough road ahead because you are taking a product that needs a rigorous application process (and does not include AMEX by default) out of the hands of the person closest to the customer (the designer) and injecting yourself as a third party.

    Designers are extremely protective of their work and you are not offering anything that they cannot do themselves.

    My advice would be to find another product.
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    try to publish the product in forums/websites.
    you can also use directories and even promote it in jobs lists.

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