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Thread: which software/hardware should I use (inventory tracking and management)?

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    Lightbulb which software/hardware should I use (inventory tracking and management)?

    Hi all!
    I am looking for software/hardware to integrate my sales process from start to end.
    I will bring product from the U.S. into Mexico.
    I want to scan the imported product (barcode) and have access to real time information regarding the whereabouts of the product.
    Once the product reaches my warehouse in Mexico City, I want to scan the product again, so I know is available on the warehouse.
    Once the product leaves the warehouse I want to scan again and tag the product as "being delivered".
    Once it reaches my customer, I want to scan the product for the last time and mark the product as "delivered".
    So it is basically a tracking system where I will need hardware for scanning and software to show where the product is at any given time... and I want that information to be visualized by a sales agent who can communicate all this information to my customers.
    I will appreciate if someone can suggest a list of companies that can help me with this solution and if you have an idea of how much this would cost, it would be great as well!
    Thank you!

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    Inventory Software and Inventory Tracking Systems
    these guys are the best and their software works great

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    Brightpearl can help you track and manage your orders, inventory, purchases and sales. Everything you scan is inputted straight into Brightpearl and updated across your business. Find out more at where you can also sign up for a free trial.

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    Brightpearl looks great .........except it doesn't currently have multicurrency bank accounts.
    Hopefully some day.

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    Hi Ports,

    I would suggest a Inventory Management that helps you to manage your entire products end to end. Instead of scanning manually all the way, you can Simplify it's process just by using this software. You can keep a record of all your customers in Customers App. Still more apps available to ease up this process.

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    You can try the powerful inventory tracking software from

    You will surprise about its superiority.


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    Bstart Inventory Management

    You can try Bstart Inventory Management. Check it out at

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