Hi all!
I am looking for software/hardware to integrate my sales process from start to end.
I will bring product from the U.S. into Mexico.
I want to scan the imported product (barcode) and have access to real time information regarding the whereabouts of the product.
Once the product reaches my warehouse in Mexico City, I want to scan the product again, so I know is available on the warehouse.
Once the product leaves the warehouse I want to scan again and tag the product as "being delivered".
Once it reaches my customer, I want to scan the product for the last time and mark the product as "delivered".
So it is basically a tracking system where I will need hardware for scanning and software to show where the product is at any given time... and I want that information to be visualized by a sales agent who can communicate all this information to my customers.
I will appreciate if someone can suggest a list of companies that can help me with this solution and if you have an idea of how much this would cost, it would be great as well!
Thank you!