I am looking for a hosted solution that would fit our licensed based products. I've looked at MagentoGo, Shopify and Volusion. I've been in contact with all three and don't seem to offer what we need. Basically, I would like to create a synchronous system between the ecommerce solution and our servers. We won't be shipping out products. We will be selling digital courses that require the customer activate their account once they have purchased their course. The ecommerce solution does not need to host the courses. We will do that on our servers. But, I would like to be able to send a notification to our server when the customer clicks on Place Order to check to see if they already exist in our database. And in turn, have our server communicate back to the ecommerce website with information. I can capture customer info through the API but the Place Order button can't trigger that event. Being a hosted solution, this communication is not possible from what I have been told.

Okay, that was a bit long winded. My question is, does anybody know of a hosted ecommerce solution that would allow us to do that? Oh, and if it allows for recurring billing too, that would be fantastic. I know Volusion does allow for recurring billing. The benefits of a hosted solution fit our needs perfectly except for that communication needed between our them and our servers.