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Thread: broken link

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    broken link

    what is broken link ?
    is this important to SEO?

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    A broken link is one that does not take you anywhere when you click on it. Generally you will get a screen with some type of error message. And yes, it is not good for your SEO.

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    According to my knowledge, mostly broken link issues occurs when you change the link structure of web pages and ignore or forget to redirect old links to new one.

    I really don't know how much it affects on website SEO, but I am sure it's not good for website performance on search engines. The biggest disadvantage of broken links in my point view is, you will loose the valuable traffic to your website, which is definitely not good for your website.

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    It doesn't work and results in error page.
    It points to a web page that has been deleted or moved.
    These will stop bots from indexing ur website page.
    Fix it to tell searchengines that your website it updated.

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    Broken link is reduce your website traffic,so this is bad for your website,it will forgotten to redirect your website or ignore your website.

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