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Thread: Looking for an E-commerce platform for this requirement

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    Looking for an E-commerce platform for this requirement

    We will be maintaining a list of local vendors and the products they provide. These would be like grocery, plumbing services, medicines etc. When a customer places an online order, we will let all vendors indicate whether they can supply the item. The order will be awarded to the first vendor to respond. The vendor will then deliver the product to the consumer's doorstep.

    Is there any E-commerce platform which provides this feature? We are fine with customizing it further for advanced business needs.


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    The Stores feature in CS-Cart comes close.

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    Does it forward

    Does the Stores feature forward the order to vendors based on who chooses to supply the order?

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    Your requirement sound like a custom built solution. This solution can be build on top existing opensource ecommerce platform. This base platform can be l
    selected only after you know all the details about your business model and tools you need to offer.

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    CS-Cart has Multi-Vendor edition that enables you to create an online marketplace where multiple vendors can manage sales of their own products through one common web store. But, as far as I can see you will be the one who manage the whole store, so you can have a look at CS-Cart Professional, it has all necessary functionality plus you will require some custom works to make the platform meet all your business needs.

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