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Thread: Monetizing Calls

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    Monetizing Calls

    I work for a web based lighting retailer. We have an excellent search rank, so much so that we often get calls mistaking us for the manufacturers of the lines we sell.

    Today these calls are mostly "throw aways". On the surface we are getting calls from people who would otherwise never call us.

    I am trying to see if anyone has advice on how we might monetize this opportunity.

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    What kind of calls are you getting? If you are selling their products - what's the problem? If you are not, you should perhaps consider selling them.

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    See what these people are looking for and if a lot of them are looking to buy something you don't have consider selling it

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    So you must to contact these people who sell the phone , this is a problem.

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    So people are ringing you looking for the manufacturer... Is it for warranty/support or is it for new accounts?

    Either way, I don't think there is much monetization opportunities here.

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