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Thread: E-Commerce with product specification input

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    Question E-Commerce with product specification input

    Hello all!

    I am currently looking for an E-Commerce platform that will take in a few measurements and compute.

    For example:
    -customer comes to
    -customer has a broken arm and needs to order a custom widget for his arm
    -rather than select a product from a catolog of products the client enters 4-5 measurements into a web form
    -and the than the ecommerce platform will need to calculate and display the appropriate bundle of widgets that work for that size
    -bundle being a few screws, a cast, bolts, etc
    -but bundles vary depending on width of your arm, wrist..length of form arm etc

    Is there an out of box solution for something like this?
    What is the industry term for that process?

    Looking to get something that works with Wordpress....

    Thanks for your input and recommendations in advance!


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    I don't think you can have that feature out of the box, it needs customization. And you can look for an ecommerce solution out there that has a Plugin for Wordpress. One that I know of, is the Avactis Shopping Cart. They have a new WordPress Plug-in for WordPress and Avactis integration. Your visitors will see your Avactis store inside your WordPress blog and your blog will use the same theme design as usual.

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    Your requirements have "custom" written all over them. The closest out of the box solution you might find, is a "wizard", but wouldn't come all that close to your needs. I would look for an eCommerce solution that is extensible, and could support the customizations you described above. I have experience with these types of projects. Let me know if you are having trouble finding the right solution...

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    You're definitely going to want an open-source solution that is scalable and easy to customize if you have the proper knowledge.

    Personally, I use PrestaShop because even though I'm not exactly a programming/development expert, their forums have almost 300,000 members which is great when I'm looking for help/advice/freelancers.


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    Something like this would need to be customized to your specific data situation. Here is a sample of something developed custom: click here for sample

    This feature groups the different sizes and measurements of bolts. It displays the associated pricing in a user friendly format so a shopper can easily purchase what they need.

    The results displayed in this table could be based on measurements entered by the customer. All this can be accomplished for you by any decent ecommerce company with great programmers.

    Good Luck with this.

    SmartCart Ecommerce Hosting

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