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Thread: Tool for Keyword ranking

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    Tool for Keyword ranking

    I need some information on keyword ranking tool. I want to optimize my website and keyword being a chief ingredient of this optimization process I think further information is required in this arena. I have not had much success till now and neither has Google allotted a page rank for me. I need to know if my efforts are going in the right direction. I require some advice regarding the keywords which will be most suitable for my website. Can some one suggest any such keyword-ranking tool, which will help me in my work? I am in terrible need of help and I will be extremely grateful if I get the same from you.

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    112 Keyword Ranking Tool (2KRT) is a professional keyword ranking and tracking tool for every SEO and SEM consultant.

    2KRT is a free Microsoft Excel VBA application that can be used to check Google search engine for keyword ranking and track search engine rankings for various keywords over time. 2KRT offers some easy-to-use solutions that other keyword ranking tools lack:

    Store data locally: no more passwords, slow server connections etc. The data is stored locally to your machine where ever you want it.
    Use of Excel features: most keyword ranking tools offer option to export data to Excel. Now you are in Excel and can use all Excel features directly.
    Automation: 2KRT saves ranking data in easy to use format, so you can analyze it manually with Excel tools or use some of the preset scripts provided. Also further automation with WSH/VBA is possible.
    Configurability: Almost all options of Google API are in easy to control form with dropdown options.

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    I suggest Seo Panel . it is a plugin for you control system so it is very simple to use all kinds of functions to set up just for you website ...

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    Moz Rank Tracker. Track on Google, Yahoo and Bing. It retrieves search engine rankings for pages and keywords, and stores them for easy comparison later.

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    113 is the one of the best tool for check your keyword position,and also you can go for MOZ Rank tracker.

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    Moz, Google Keyword planner both are best tool for check your keyword position

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    SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz and Google Keyword Planner Tool are the best tool for checking your Keyword Position.

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    I give a +1 for SEM Rush as it does a lot more than just track your keyword rankings.

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    Moz, Keyword planner is the best tool for keywords ranking.

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    Many critics who suggest SEMRush cite Ahrefs as their 2nd favourite key-word ranking device. Ahrefs is fine used in conjunction with some other key-word rating device, because it in particular specializes in backlinks, however is quite competent as a key-word rating tool as nicely.

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    There are many tools through which you can check your SEO success Some of which I am listing below so that it can help many of us.

    1) AHREF (Through this tool you can check your backlinks)
    2) Google webmaster(Through this tool you can check your website health)
    3) Google Analytics(Through this you can check your site trafic)

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    For Keyword tracking tools you can be used SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz and Google Keyword Planner Tool are the best tool for checking your Keyword Position. For more details, information Google Webmaster and Analytics is best for tracking audience.

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    kw finder, moz, seo small tool , google keyword planner one of the my favorite tool for keyword research

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    I personally use Ahrefs for keywords research, but this is a paid tool. I also hear good reviews about KW finder from my colleagues.

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    KRT is a tool introduce by microsoft is used to rank keywords

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