I own a clothing consignment store. Most items we only have one of each. I know I need at least 100 products asap but we have thousands of items in the store at a time and I would like to be able to have many more in my online store. I also need a feature that will contact me immediately (preferably by text message) but email is ok...this due to only having one of each item. Also because of the amount of unique items I need a really quick and easy uploading product feature. I was leaning towards Yahoo Merchant until I saw this forum. I really don't want to use Paypal but am thinking that may be the shopping cart I go with.
I've tried BigCommerce last night and not 100% happy with it but it was only because building the actualy site seemed more difficult than when I created my regular site with Wix which is a drag and drop aka VERY EASY. I would love if anyone knows of a site like Wix that is not a flash site as I do not want my store being a flash site due to the bounce back rates. THANK YOU