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Thread: A word of warning

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberbishop

    I suggest you do the same---keep your complaint concise:

    The AG will take further action against Globat only if they receive your complaint. These crooks should be shut down, even if it means they go set up shop in Nevada.

    File against:

    11288 VENTURA BLVD #443B
    STUDIO CITY, CA 91604
    Thank you for this information cyberbishop. I submitted my year old complaint today, but I am still mad about extorting me based on bogus fees.

    Please submit your complaints if you experienced similiar services.

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    After reading these post; I felt compelled to communicate back to the community.

    I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to you for the less than positive experience you have received with Globat. I take these complaints and your feedback seriously and work diligent towards addressing them so that I can build a service that enhances the customer experience.

    I would like to also extend my gratitude for letting us know exactly what about the service experience that has made you dissatisfied. This helps me immensely.

    Upon reviewing these complaints; it has come to my attention that these problems rooted from basic clerical error.

    I would be happy to address any of these issues; I simply ask that you give me the chance.

    I humbly offer to you my direct contact details so that you may reach me at any time for any concerns you may have.

    Edward G.
    Globat Customer Service Manager

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    I have been having HUGE issues with globat and was looking around to see if i was the only one, i just found this site, YAY!
    Im so pissed that I just went straight to the BBB. and now after reading this i am file a complaint with the AG, I am hoping that everyone who has had issues with Globat does the same. they are extortionists!

    this is what happened to me in a nut shell:

    Over the past 2+ I have been trying to put up with Globats shoddy customer service.
    There have been many times where they'll do automatic upgrades without my permission, and then I have to spend a week or so trying to get the charges reversed. I has finally decided to remove myself from them and switch over to a new hosting company, every time I email with a question is gets directied to a new rep who has seemingly no knowledge of anything related to the internet or webhosting. I have to start over with each person, there then is the problem of too many people working on my account so changes that I request will get reversed. It has taken me 2 days to change my Name server with them, (I am also disputing incorrect charges as I have stated in my other claim) then right after I got my name servers changed, one of their employees changed it back without confirming the change with me! This is horrible. I am extremely frustrated with their lack of customer service, morals and just not treating their customers as intelligent human beings.

    Over the past week I have finally become fed up with Globat, they give me automatic upgrades and charge me without my premission. Recently I was trying to transfer a domain and was advised by globat support to click on a link to change the domain, this resulted in a $12.00 charge and nothing changed with my accounts. I was verbally told that the charges would be reversed, nothing has happened yet. I just transfered my domain to a new hosting company before the renewal date, I had checked with a globat employee to make sure I would not have to cancle my account, that transfering was all I needed to do to avoid being charged the $14.99 renewal fee. I come to find out, I was then charged $21.90 for account renewal. I was told the amount was higher because of a security add-on, I have never requested any security add-ons to my account. They will Not reverse this charge. I feel like I have been taken advantage of, I have been a loyal customer of theirs for over two years, I have finally been fed up with them charging me when I have asked to not be charged and getting little to no positive or helpful response from them when I dispute I claim. I am cancling my whole hosting package and I was told I would be refunded the $110.00, but I fear that when I do, an issue like this will come up again and they will just keep my money.

    another great thing that JUST happened, is that I just FINALLY got my DNS changed so i can authorize a transfer, and THEY CHANGED IT BACK!!!!

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    They've done us too.

    My wife and I signed up with in 2004. All in all, it wasn't that horrible, until the first of the year. Strange credit card charges started appearing. Forty bucks here, forty bucks there, etc.

    This is a scam simple & plain. Their spam-ish newsletter, has a small checkbox at the very bottom of the e-mail that says, "Check here if you wish to opt out [of the upgrade at a higher price]." Since when did silence give someone the right to charge you at will. That's a little bit like the Girl Scouts coming to your door and saying, "Buy some cookies". You slam the door in her face. She bills your credit card. Apparently, silence equals YES. See the problem?

    After re-reading their user agreement (which has changed drastically since 2004), they actually have made adjustments in their language to reflect this new policy of exploitation as of Jan.1st, 2007. We never signed, and/or approved of, this modified contract. See the problem?

    It's illegal folks.

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