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    Hi everyone on digital point. I've started a eCommerce store back in 2012 and would like to know everyone's opinion on it and perhaps could give me feedback? Check the link below. Thanks!

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    I've just taken a look at your eCommerce site and here are a few comments.
    Your website is clean and easy on the eye but it seems to lack a focus.
    There is not enough information about your company or website to give customers a sense of security when shopping on your website.
    The video's message is only about 1minute long but your video runs for 4minutes, it might be best to shorten it.
    Your products range from headphones to cellphone to email blast? Confusing to any customer.
    Your customer service or contact us button should be more prevalent
    There's a typo on your website "We sale headphones, email marketing lists, & lots more." "sell"

    I hope some of my suggestions have helped. Best of luck!

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