Hi, Thomas Pongrac here, hope you're all doing well... I am new to this community so I thought I would introduce myself and my business, ok so here goes...

My passion is to build remarkable web applications that people find useful and and easy to use. For 10 years I have been mastering my skills in the web programming industry and have and have developed my design and marketing skill-set along the way. Over the past month I've built an innovative new concept that I'd love to share with you all called "Chrift".

Chrift is a ultra-convenient Christmas gift recommendation engine capable of intelligently determining what your friends or family would like for Christmas. It works in multiple countries, in multiple languages, displaying personalized, and geographically served Christmas gift recommendations from a major online retailer delivering to your area.

How does chrift work? By analyzing the Facebook social data of your friends and family, and doing some state-of-the-art David-Blaine-like magic-shit on the backend (That’s backend, not rear-end!), we’re able to intelligently display a user-friendly window of personalized Christmas gift recommendations, specifically tailored towards your friends and families unique social data...Gifts they will really love! Honestly! Check it out over at chrift.com
- Regards, Thomas. -