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Thread: amazon or clickbank ??

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    Lightbulb amazon or clickbank ??

    which is best amazon or clickbank?
    I want to start online affiliate marketing
    what you use ?? and why ??

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    Both are best and good for new starter. You grab knowledge regarding both and choose that one which is more comfortable for you.

    And one more I recommend name is commission junction check this also.

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    I am using both and your marketing skills matter to use effectively.

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    I wouldn't say one was better than the other. They are different. Both have pros and cons.

    Amazon's name is easily recognizable. It provides widgets and creatives that allow you much flexibility to place product suggestions in key areas on your site.

    Clickbank offers harder to find products that could look like one-of-a-kind to a visitor, thereby increasing desirability.

    Typically Clickbank's compensation structure is greater than Amazon's.
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