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Thread: Opinions? Popup upon exit for first-time visitors

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    Opinions? Popup upon exit for first-time visitors

    We would like to have first-time visitors to our webstore (that don't complete an order) be presented with an opportunity (via popup window) to give us their e-mail address so that we can e-mail them a coupon for $ or % off their first order with us.

    Has anyone done or seen anything similar? Could this be considered annoying and intrusive? Does anyone think this is a good/bad idea?

    Any opinions or feedback appreciated..

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    Someone else asked this here before. Popups are generally a bad idea. People just don't like em. Beyond that, many, many users now surf with popup blockers, so you'd need to get around that, which ain't easy either.

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    I personally don't like the use of pop ups in this manner, but I know that one of our clients uses them and finds them useful. I think it depends on your target client though.

    There might be other ways to achieve similar results that don't include pop ups. I know many ecommerce shopping carts often will have something like a declined orders report or an open baskets report. The types of reports help close an otherwise bad sell.

    Also helpful are customer behavior reports. Customer behavior reports will allow you to see what customers bought product X but didn't buy product Y. From there you can create a coupon or promotion for those specific customers for product Y. Order history, spending history, and keyword reports on previous customers can be useful too.

    I know these options won't be able to exactly replicate what a pop up would do, but they are options that are less invasive and many of our customers have had positive results with them.

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    stay away from pop ups just pisses folks off and they wont be back

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    Popups can be useful just make sure you use an exit popup so they wont be interupted at the start. Also dont make one of those disco era looking things with all the flashing images those are hard on the eyes and scream spam
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    wp popup plugin.

    Here is wp popup plugins....>>>>> popup plugin

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