Hello All,
As a eBay powerseller we were looking great and selling tons on eBay, but then eBay's fees rising and then charging for shipping got really stupid, then would have to add eBay refunded customers without even sending the item back to us, that was the last straw. After we decided to create our own marketplace where it would have everything that a seller would need to do what we do best, sell. The first version of the which is up right now is a start, we offer to list items for free and the sale price is only 5%, not including shipping and also we have a feature where you dont have to worry about paying your bill every month. With Xoole the fees are taken out when the sale happens, so that you can sell and ship your items, not have to worry about a bill every month.
Anyway everyone checkout our site at: Xoole.com and let us know what you think, we are still in beta and have been online for about 3 weeks now so, please be honest as we want a marketplace for sellers.
Thanks for looking