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Thread: A new startup launching in New York

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    Lightbulb A new startup launching in New York

    Hi there, small business owners,

    Our company, also a small business, helps everyone, including companies, get what they want in a hurry. They just enter it on our site, and presto bamo they get it in the time they ask for. This really works for people who need to get something done in a hurry, but can't do it themselves.

    If you're interested, check out our site at

    You can also see an example of how we can help small businesses here:

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    If you're asking for an opinion based on form and function for your site, and I'm assuming you are in this case, I think your home page has all the right elements in place. Large, obvious call-to-action button above the fold. Good color scheme and clear navigation options as well.

    As for the second page ( I think it may serve you well to push the call-to-action button a little higher. Maybe, even trade places with the text right above it. Also the color of the button is very similar to the background on either side of the browser. Consider changing it from blue to bright green? Just my opinion though. Interesting business.

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