United States (North America) district court has ordered Tradekey.com to hold its business operations due to unethical, immoral and illegal business practices adopted by the company. The website was restricted by the Hosting company in United states on order of court.

4 popular brands of world (Dunhill, Chloe, Montblanc & Panerai) have collectively filed charges against Tradekey.com in United States district court of California. 4 companies, each an owner of an international luxury brand, seek injunctive and monetary relief from defendants Sawabeh Information Services Co.(d/b/a "SISCOM", tradekey.com, saudicommerce.com, and B2Bfreezone.com) ("SISCOM"), TradeKey (Pvt) Ltd. ("TradeKey Pakistan"), TradeKey LLC ("TradeKey US"), Waleed Abalkhail ("Abalkhail") and Junaid Mansoor ("Mansoor") (collectively, the "TradeKey Defendants") for direct and contributory trademark infringement, unfair competition, false designation of origin, trademark dilution, and counterfeiting.

Tradekey.com is a B2B website, which is itself a “copy” of World’s # 1 B2B website *******.com.
Tradekey.com promotes copy product sellers & violates International Laws by adopting unethical business practices & receives direct finances from illegal replica products suppliers.

The four brands have provided evidences to court that Tradekey defendants receive direct financial share from Copy product sellers and promote the products to destroy the market of International brands. For complete details of case view the link below:


Companies like Tradekey.com should be banned on Governmental level. It is playing a big role in distribution of illegal goods, destroying the name of world renowned brands (Nike, Gucci, Puma, adidas, Dunhill etc), adopting unethical business practices & violating established INTERNATIONAL laws for just a small sum of money.