We just launched www.delighta.com. Please review this site. This site allows you to do the following:
1. Register and choose a name for your google spreadsheet (it is free)
2. Send SMS to the US phone number displayed on the site
3. The SMS will get added to your google spreadsheet!

We would like to know if the site is easy to navigate, if it is clear what we are trying to accomplish, etc.

People are using delighta.com for the following:

1. Backing up of SMS messages simply by forwarding them to the phone number displayed on the website.

2. Remote data entry in google spreadsheet via SMS.

Please make suggestions on this forum. We will be glad to incorporate them. We are already in the process of adding more features such as letting the users specify column names, export the spreadsheet, convert each SMS to an email sent to your gmail account, etc.