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    I am a Excel VBA Consultant, I offer my services in making financial templates and excel automation of any type. I am also looking out to offer ms-access application with excel/access front end for small business customized fully to their requirements.

    Let me know if you have requirement to create an ERP application to support a small business. Some of the ideas would be like a sales application which will capture the price list of items, forms to make order and database to store all sales records. Lead distribution software where you get a lead and need to distribute and manage these to your sales team spread across the world, we make simple excel/access programs and store the database on our servers so that you can form a network and update leads instantly.

    And many others.... drop an email to check the feasibility and get a design layout to consider the possibilities. (deleted - personal contact information not allowed in posts)

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    I would like to get some more detail about your above post. I understood the part that u do database modelling for small businesses; i know excel and access however what is VBA excel? visual basic excel i guess; what does that mean and what kind of 'excel automation' are u referring to; an excel sheet that uses various arithmetic formulas to manipulate the numeric data within it?

    Also, after u develope an access model for example; i understand that u can host it on your own in house server or on a hosted server with a data centre that can be dedicated or undedicated; furthermore there is the option of cloud services.
    You have written that u will host the databse on your server and we can access it online; right? so that would be hosting it on your server; how is it different from a cloud database system like one from

    I am a small business owner and have been looking into all these IToptions; if you would be so kind as to clarify my position on the' subject i could prove to be a potential client; however i would'nt promise at this point!

    Thank You.

    Kunal Aggarwal

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    Since we already have the experience of creating software solutions for small businesses, we can take this work and our knowledge and produce results for you quickly.

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    Good service. Thanks for sharing it to us.

    We need this kind of service from time to time. By the way, if you need info on how to register a business name, you can visit my site as well:

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    Re: Small Business Software Development.

    Sorry Kunal for getting on this so late, We can have a discussion if you like. As of now we create an access front end for multiple users for a small company requirement like order management, lead management, sales, invoicing and so on..

    About hosting on the internet we'll have to discuss these options. Let me know if you are still searching for options we can connect and take this forward. Let me know at No personal contact information allowed in posts

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    Interesting to read all the new responses, thanks for all the current news and updates. Hope to read more very soon. Will come back again soon.. thanks for sharing nice information about Small Business Software Development.

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    Good service sounds it is very great .

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    Hello friends,

    There are numerous options you can choose when looking into finding small business website development software. The final choice is influenced by your specific needs. As small as your business can be, there are some features you simply can't do without

    Agili Ron

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    Excel sheet is very necessary for small business application.These sheets are the best to describe data in different categories.

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