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Thread: A little help with a new release

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    A little help with a new release


    I've been reading through the first page of threads related to shopping carts and due to the number of responses I wanted to ask for your thoughts on our new release. I hope this is not seen as marketing, we're just trying to understand how our new site and service is perceived with some experienced users, due to such a major change to the system.

    So, Ashop Commerce has previously targeted Australia and the UK and stuck by the traditional package based software with prices monthly. We've change this to something similar to a smartphone with app's for the US market. The basic software inclusive of hosting and SSL is free and then you can buy app's/features to improve functionality and marketing etc.

    If anyone has a moment or interest to take a look at our site and set up a free store, it would really help us understand the market better before a full launch campaign. We'd really appreciate your help with some feedback here :-)

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    hey ,

    i liked your site, couple of thing which i have notice , you don't have favicon for your site, second - when you go to inner pages , there is no link on your logo. i will check more and give your more feedback.

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    Thanks Jessica,

    May I ask which browser and version you are using? I see the favicon on IE, FF and Chrome, except IE does take 3 seconds to appear.

    Same for the logo except on Chrome it seems not clickable due to a layer issue, thanks we'll sort that out.


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    Your site is good. Your logo is no link.

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    I like the site.
    but I loved the offer of this site.
    need improvement.
    chore users might just find, some little problems.........
    but I checked it in IE and it was alright.

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    I see that your website logo doesn't link to your home page. Many people use this instead of the home button.

    Where it says "Tonnes of App's" should probably say "Tons of Apps"

    Other than that, you have a very cute, well though out layout and design.

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    Thanks, nice catch on tonnes/tons.

    The logo link will be corrected, seems to be hiding under a layer.

    Hoping to hear more about the offer and understanding of the offer to see if newbies can get the picture quickly or if it looks too cheap or difficult.

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