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Thread: Still in progress, but reviews appreciated

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    Still in progress, but reviews appreciated

    One of my sites is almost done after redoing it in my new cart software and wanted a bit of feedback. Some things are still in progress, but would love to hear your opinions.

    URL is

    Owner of

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    So far, so good. Looks good. Though you may want to spend a little time on the SEO.

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    nice and good looking.......
    my internet speed is quite good.
    you might want to do some work to reduce loading time.

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    A pretty decent design. I would get rid of the facebook, twitter, and chat icons on the left, as they are on top of your website, when viewed on smaller monitors.

    Seo Problems:
    -Your title tag contains 120 characters, try and narrow it down to 80.
    -Description relevancy to page content is around 38%, I would boost that.
    -You have zero keywords (still useful for some search engines)
    -You have no robots meta tag
    -Your logo links to

    Overall Design:
    -I would move the "add to cart" button, to the top of the description, so they all line up (personal preference)
    -Make the links on the left menu something other than black, as it looks like non-links. Using underline, maybe this color #ED7B34
    -Wibya toolbar is not necessary, and slows down sites.
    -Where you have your countdown to holidays, I would suggest linking those to small articles explaining the holidays, for seo, product placement (best sellers last year, etc.) and customer enjoyment.
    -I would fix the pages you land on, when clicking your image slider on the front page. One link is broken, and the others bring up a listing of items, but they are either left aligned, or at the bottom of the page. Center them, and bring them to the top.

    Looks like you have good variety, and wanted items. I would also suggest letting customers know your return / refund policy on the front page. Just something small, maybe a logo below the left menu.
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