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Thread: Seo Url's

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    Seo Url's

    Hi Guys

    Can anyone help.

    I used to have a guy who did all my seo url's for me. I had a month ago over 20,000 links.

    thes have now almost dissapeared and it seems that google are no longer indexing my site with product listings just numbers now.

    can anyone tell me how this would happen as google were indexing the site before with all the descriptions showning and now just product I.D

    P.S. Our web guy was a friend.

    My site is

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    Are you still having this issue.

    I had something very similar with Evolving Office but I just got the developers to update the CMS and I was OK.

    Luckilly My Furniture site is a basic CMS site so I dont have these issues

    Hope you get things sorted

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    use hovered effect on the buttons.
    might consider using facebook/google+.tweet etc buttons.

    the design looks simple but goes very well with office furniture.

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